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Determination, expertise and passion combined with more than thirty years experience make Paioli a solid set-up and extremely effective in the production of motorbike shock absorbers. The Gnudi family manages the company and has carried the company forward with dedication for four generations.
One family, one passion, the lives of many, all slaving to create a solid reality which is edging closer and closer to the distinguished age of one hundred years old.
In a world full of transient realities which change rapidly, the longevity of a company is a discriminating parameter of the hard work that has been put into it..

Paioli is built on values, virtues and people, concepts which are increasingly being stripped of their meaning in a difficult market where the practise of fair business seems to be a thing of the past. So it is a company in which elements of countertendency can be seen, where professionalism and ethics come first.